Sea-Food Grill (1940)

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Sea-Food Grill (1940)
Sea-Food Grill (1940)


4 small Lobsters

8 Soft-Shelled Crabs

24 Scallops

1 cup Melted Butter

3/4 cup Soft Bread Crumbs

24 large Mushroom Caps

24 large Oysters

Salt and Pepper

Hot Melted Butter

Lemon Wedges

Split and prepare lobsters for broiling. Kill and clean crabs. Place scallops on 8 skewers. Brush lobsters, crabs and scallops with butter. Mix crumbs with remaining butter. Fill each mushroom cap with an oyster and place on a shallow pan. Cover each with buttered crumbs. Sprinkle lobsters with salt and pepper and broil 10 minutes. Arrange crabs, scallops and pan of oysters on broiler rack and season with salt and pepper. Broil 6 minutes, turning crabs and scallops at the end of 3 minutes. Serve with hot melted butter and lemon wedges.

Serves 8.


Taken from "250 Fish and Sea Food Recipes." Edited by Ruth Berolzheimer, Direct, Culinary Arts Institute. Published by Consolidated Book Publishers, Inc., Chicago, IL, USA, 1940.

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