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I am Leslie and this is Bob. He is a very old child's merry-go-round horse. (We started calling him Bob when his tail fell off and would NOT stay on....)

I always wanted to own an old fashioned general store - a place where friends are welcome. So please, help yourself to a cup of tea, pull up a chair and browse for a while. You, our customer, are the most important person here in our little online space. Your thoughts and comments are welcome and encouraged. Your questions and concerns will be listened to and answered to the best of our ability.

...and, just like the General Stores of old - as the proprietor of Cherry Blossom in Blue I would like to get to know you, simply because I enjoy meeting new people and love having friends come to visit.

These rooms are filled with treasures - please feel free to browse and to share your ideas and thoughts with us.

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Please contact me anytime. I always look forward to hearing from you....