Welcome to Cherry Blossom in Blue... Where an eclectic mix of old and new... antiques, vintage and modern pieces as well as the parts, findings, stones, beads and threads that you might need to restore a treasure or create a new one ~ waits for discovery.
... and, part of being green and earth friendly is about loving the old things. To me, this includes giving new life to pieces from our past with repairs and restorations as well as creating the new things we need, with our own hands.

To get the fragile past to you safely, we will reuse packaging and work with you to get purchases to you in the most economical manner possible!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us, anytime by email (Leslie@CherryBlossomInBlue.com) or during the day (Pacific Time, Canada) by phone 1 778 708 0454 ~ this number also works for texting.
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